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Let us take you from injury to wellness. Because your case is important, but your health is even more important.
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Our extensive network has allowed us to work with numerous legal counsels across the nation that will provide you with the information needed for your case.
Injury Experts
If you have been injured, you need to be with the right type of experts to make sure your health is taken care of and your rights are being looked after.


Injury and Health Institute is a primary and urgent care facility specializing in work and personal injury consulting. At their state-of-the-art facility in San Antonio, Texas, board-certified family medicine physician Melissa Kempf, MD, and the team deliver whole-body care for patients with joint pain, sports injuries, and degenerative conditions.

The team of primary care specialists prioritizes preventive treatments for their patients. They perform comprehensive annual physical exams and sports physicals to ensure their patients remain active and healthy as they age. 

For patients suffering from chronic pain conditions, like arthritis, the team offers anti-inflammatory joint injections, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and corticosteroid injections.

Caring for aging populations is also one of Injury and Health Institute’s specialties. The team performs electroencephalogram (EEG) testing to evaluate signs of memory loss and EMSELLA® to treat urinary incontinence without surgery.

Above all else, the team strives to provide valuable care, whether a patient visits with an injury, acute illness, or needs a workers’ compensation evaluation. Call Injury and Health Institute or schedule an appointment online to find a solution to your health needs today. 

what our patients say

"The whole team did a fantastic job with my recovery and rehabilitation throughout a long period of time after suffering from a recent car accident."
Brian P.
"Their staff are all incredibly at doing their individual duties to making me better from my injuries."
Inez L.
"High recommend this clinic! The front desk staff was friendly and helpful with scheduling my appointment. The doctor was great with diagnosing my women’s health issue."
Jessie M.
"Today I went to what I like to call a outstanding and very professional urgent care. The employee's where fast, direct, and friendly! I would recommend this care 10/10."
Justin Q.
"I was very well taken care of by all the professional team at Urgent Care."
Astrid P.
"All the staff and doctors were absolutely great in providing the best health care for me during my injury!"
Ahren D.
"Thank you Injury and Health Urgent Care. Your PT program is awesome! My rehab with my back injury made a big difference."
Laura P.
"Great experience with the kind people there. They really made it easy and they were very knowledgeable."
Lavonte S.
"Everything got completed and very satisfied with the help I received."
Ariel B.
"I very highly recommend the team at Injury and Health Institute. The front desk was extremely helpful..."
Jasmine A.
"Great patient care and really resourceful! Thank you!"
David P.
"They treated me well and helped me get better from my injuries. They also helped me find an attorney for my case. Everything was great!"
Pamela V.
"I absolutely love this place. They take care of the patient FIRST"
Jessica W.
"Love the employees, they welcome you with open arms. The facility is warm and inviting, I would highly recommended to family and friends."
Mark B.
"The office staff is great! I got an appointment right away!'
Maira Z.
"Thanks I really appreciate all the help and attention you all provided me through out the whole process. You guys went above and beyond."
Jovan B.
"I highly recommend allowing Injury and Health Institute assist you with all medical needs. All staff members are sincerely there to treat and care for your needs."
Cyris S.
"The nurses and doctors are just fantastic! I would highly recommend this clinic to family, friends, and anyone seeking excellent health care."
Sienna C.
"Dr. Kempf, thank you for being a wonderful human. We need more doctors like you."
Ju L.
"I saw Dr Kempf today she is great. I had a few concerns she took care of them."
J. R.
"I have been going to Dr Kempf for two years. Basic primary health. Her office staff is friendly and efficient."
S. J.
"I love Dr. Kempf and her office staff no matter how busy they are the front office and medical assistants will always help your needs.'
Self-verified patient
"Dr. Kempf was one of the most kind and caring Doctors I've been to ever!"
Self-verified patient
"My kids see Dr. Kempf when needed and she's great."
Self-verified patient


What type of insurance do you accept?
We accept all insurances. Give us a call and we’ll verify your benefits and request authorization to treat you!


Can you help me find an attorney?
Yes, we can recommend several attorneys who we’ve worked with in the past that have proven, ethical backgrounds, and who yield positive results!


Will you help me manage my case?
Yes. Often times if you’re injured everything is up to you to get done! Don’t go at it alone. Our patient liaisons will help you with paperwork, phone calls, documentation, appointments, and much more!


How do I make an appointment?
You can call us at 210-265-5920, schedule here on our website, or email us at info@injuryandhealthinstitute.com


We accept most insurance providers. If you have specific questions regarding your coverage, please contact us for additional information.

Our mission 

Looking after your Injuries and your Health


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