Need An Urgent Care?

Urgent Care


Our medical physicians are fully licensed and credentialed practitioners that put the quality of care you receive first! You should use urgent care when suffering from conditions that are not emergencies, but still require care within 24-hours. These might include:  Any injuries from a car accident, whiplash, sprains and fractures, colds, strep throat, urinary tract infections, burns, bug stings, allergic reactions and other ailments. We can also treat chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension and help with some medication refills.

Our team of experts will provide the personalized care you need to get you healthy again. So, if the condition you have is a minor illness or injury, take advantage of the convenience and affordability Injury and Health Urgent Care has to offer!

We offer flexible appointments and personalized care so we can optimize results!



We accept all insurances. Give us a call and we’ll verify your benefits and request authorization to treat you!

Yes, we can recommend several attorneys who we’ve worked with in the past that have proven, ethical backgrounds, and who yield positive results!

Yes. Often times if you’re injured everything is up to you to get done! Don’t go at it alone. Our patient liaisons will help you with paperwork, phone calls, documentation, appointments, and much more!

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